Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dream House

I want to start with something very simple. My dream home. Modern. Minimalist.  White, Silver and a touch of color.  I love the architecture of these kinds of homes. The sleek edges. The simplicity of color and illusion of open space. The steel and clear windows. Light and abeyance.

My ideal home would be square with silver metallic structure. From bird's eye view the middle of the house would be a huge open empty space with glass facing in all four directions.  The concept is sort of like the downtown Portland restaurant called Urban Farmer located inside the Nines Hotel. See picture below:

Now imagine a downsize of this concept with the picture above... with glass where the white parts is and grass, pool, lounge area is instead of the brown parts of the picture above. Something like this instead:

Here's a great concept for the kitchen (I'm still looking for a better picture):

The Bedroom! I love the "cleanliness" feel of the room. The white and silver are my favorite!


And most importantly the baby room:

Although all these together don't add up to what exactly I want but a general idea of the concept I'm going for. I will keep adding more pictures of the little details that interest me in my dream home :) Hope you enjoyed it!

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